PANZER DIGEST #6  Spring 2009

Issue #6 of PANZER DIGEST contains three wargames.

DAY OF INFAMY: The Attack on Pearl Harbor is a tactical level game simulating the events of December 7, 1941.  Designed by Paul Rohrbaugh, the game is for two players (though may be played solitaire easily), and comes with a color map, twenty-five color counters, and full rules.

1775: INVASION OF CANADA is a two-player operational "hexagon" game covering the ill-fated American invasion during the American War of Independence.  1775 was designed by Gary Graber,
and comes with a mapsheet (at 25 miles per hex), 36 counters (at 350-400 men per strength point), small Reference Card, and full rules.

MONITOR VS MERRIMACK is a simple tactical level naval simulation depicting the Battle of Hampton Roads in March, 1862 between the two ironclads, USS Monitor and CSS Virginia (or, Merrimack).  The game is for two players, and is played on a standard checkerboard,
along with the unit counters and full rules provided.

In addition to the games, the 40-page magazine is filled with articles, reviews, and variants of interest to board wargamers.  Variants include those for Avalon Hill's MUSTANGS and PANZER ARMEE AFRIKA, reviews of COMBAT COMMANDER EUROPE (GMT), RANGER (Omega), NOT WAR BUT MURDER (Against the Odds), MANILA '45 (Strategy & Tactics), ISRAELI INDEPENDENCE (Victory Point), plus articles on Minden's NORTH SEA CAMPAIGN, and all the usual columns that you've come to expect in the pages of the Digest.

If you're a board wargamer, you'll no doubt enjoy what PANZER DIGEST has to offer.  Each issue contains two or more strategy games which emphasize playability and historicity on a variety of topics and game systems, and come complete with maps, unmounted color counters, and rules necessary for play.  When combined with the article, variant, and review content included n each edition, PANZER DIGEST is just the gaming fix you need!

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